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From blueberries, salmon, kale etc. you have probably heard them hundreds of times of what nutritional benefits they can bring. Because of the amount of health benefits that it delivers to people, it is usually considered as superfoods. There’s no official definition to what a superfood actually means but generally speaking, they are the types of foods that have high levels of minerals and vitamins that the body need.

Not just that, it is also a good source of antioxidant which is a substance that protect the body from cell damage while also warding off disease. While there are lots of common foods that are able to offer these nutrients, there’s additionally a myriad of less mainstream and more exotic superfoods worthy of spotlight.

Number 1. Acai – you can find this mostly in South America rainforests. Basically, acai is a small purple berry touted to be an effective supplement for anti aging as well as weight loss. This fruit also contain good amounts of antioxidants in form of anthocyanins which is useful for fighting both heart disease and cancer. In addition to that, it is among the few fruits that have oleic acid which is the same heart healthy fat found in olive oil.

Number 2. Goji berries – these days, you will find goji berries in virtually every supermarket shelves. Well, this isn’t surprising because it has sufficient amount of vitamin C. Native to Tibet as well Inner Mongolia, these fruits are considered to be a true superfood because whether you believe it or not, it is capable of treating various visual ailments, poor blood circulation, boosting the immune system and many more.

Number 3. Cocoa powder – much like chocolate, cocoa powder has flavonoids which are capable of lowering the blood pressure and improving the blood circulation to the heart and brain. It’s capable of providing strong chocolatey flavor without ruining your diet, considering that it only has less than 15 calories per tablespoon and what’s more, has almost no fat.

On the other hand, you have to carefully read the label before you buy cocoa powder. When you do buy one, it is best to pick the non-alkalized or raw version which contains all phytochemicals as well as antioxidant. You might like to make superfood smoothies from this as well to be able to make it tastier while enjoying its benefits.

Number 4. Seaweed – in comparison to its land based counterparts, these sea grown veggies are full of omega-3 fatty acids that are known to fight sudden heart attack and stroke. There are also plenty of other important minerals that it has such as iodine, iron, zinc etc.

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