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Bdsm virtual master


This is a work of fiction. No relationship to any person, living or dead, is intended by these fictional depictions. The author treats this as a work of fantasy, and does not encourage any such activity in real life other than consensual activities between adults of legal age.

Copyright remains with the author. Steffi groaned aloud with passion, and ground herself down even further on the erect cock of J.

Harris Faverington III, a distinguished looking, silver-haired gentleman of some 58 years. Steffi Williams was a good 30 years younger than Mr. Her long "Bdsm virtual master" hair was unbound, and her pale skin flushed Bdsm virtual master the exertion of her sexual exercises. She was the very picture of erotic Bdsm virtual master, and, more to the point, she knew it.

Williams was no high-class escort. Williams was an Ivy-league educated attorney with the prestigious firm of Duncan and Waters, and Bdsm virtual master was used to getting what she wanted, when she wanted.

At the firm, she was known as a hard-charger, a woman who always knew that the job came first. One look at her gym-toned body, draped in the finest Italian business suits cut just above the knee, and her colleagues, male and female, knew that here was a true Alpha female.

With the best education, fluent in three languages, and with money in the bank to spare, Steffi was destined for the very top. Under her clothes, she wore the finest silks and satins. Nothing but silk stockings touched her legs, which were waxed weekly at La Bellisima Salon.

Williams Bdsm virtual master happy with her life. She would prefer it if her boyfriend, the investment banker Campbell Mitchell, would hurry up and pop the question. Too many of her friends were able to run about showing off their large-carat diamond rings.

She toyed idly at times with the idea of denying her sexual favors to Campbell, but knew that it was for the best if she allied herself with the powerful Mitchell family.

That is Bdsm virtual master Steffi thought, and that is how she calculated her decisions in life.

Author s Note: This is...

Still, to an outside observer, Steffi Williams would seem lucky. She lived alone in a beautiful two-bedroom condo on the 28 th floor of a downtown skyscraper.

She had money to spare, and most of all, she had good "Bdsm virtual master." Her stomach was flatter than an year-olds, and her 36C breasts were still firm and pointed. He was going red in the face from the effort, and she knew that within moments he was going to shoot. She stole a glance at "Bdsm virtual master" in the mirror behind Bdsm virtual master bed, and stifled a giggle at the sight.

If she continued like this, Mr. Faverington would be sure to continue working with Bdsm virtual master and Waters.

If Duncan and Waters could land this contract, through her efforts, then she would be guaranteed a partner slot, not to mention a very fat bonus at the end of the year. When she saw that Mr. What was one evening of clinically faked passion in return for such professional advantages? Besides, Bdsm virtual master considered herself to be highly sexual, and enjoyed a fling now and then.

In fact, she could feel an orgasm building inside of her now, and she increased her pace in an effort to cum at the same time as her client. Within moments, she felt Mr. Faverington swell inside of her. With a shout, he ejaculated deep inside of her. Bdsm virtual master she drifted off to sleep, Steffi smiled at the last words Mr. Steffi Williams arrived home from work at 8: She logged on to her personal e-mail, and saw that one message was waiting.

At first she was inclined to erase it as yet another example of spam, but stopped when she saw that it had a large attachment, and was addressed to her by name. Curious, she opened it. You should read this tonight, Steffi. Yet I hope you still remember some of the rules regarding professional conduct of the legal profession. At the very least, my dear, I hope you remember the rules regarding sexual relations with current and prospective clients ….

Steffi turned pale, and could feel her pulse racing. Of course she remembered this rule. Her friends used to joke about it … you were allowed to sleep with clients … if you had been sleeping with them before they became your clients. Otherwise, your actions were unprofessional, and Bdsm virtual master could be disbarred — kicked out of the profession forever.

Duncan and Waters was well known in the legal community for being very strict about the ethical conduct of their employees. If this became known, Steffi was doomed. Even if she could avoid disbarment, her job at the firm was almost certainly in jeopardy. Unwilling to read further, Steffi nevertheless turned her glance back to the screen. Steffi did so, and paused for a second, Bdsm virtual master with her eyes shut, while the computer downloaded and virus-checked a picture file.

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When she opened her eyes, her worst Bdsm virtual master was coming true — there on the screen was her flushed body, nude, arcing back in sexual ecstasy atop a recognizable Mr. Beginning to cry, she clicked back on the dreadful e-mail. Now you have seen yourself, my dear. You are very attractive. And yes, I have many photos, along with a movie of the evening in question.

I would hate to see you lose your job, your boyfriend, or your career over this. Right now you are probably thinking about blackmail. But do you Bdsm virtual master who I am?

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What you should know is that if you do not log on to Y-Chat by 9 PM tonight, I will e-mail these photos and "Bdsm virtual master" movie to the entire e-mail distribution list of Duncan and Waters. So go ahead, my dear. Ignore me if you wish. Or, log on and have a chat with me to see what kind of deal we can arrange.

Steffi looked at Bdsm virtual master Luis Vuitton watch. The slim gold band contrasted nicely with her tanned skin. Suddenly, she felt nausea turn her stomach over. She got up and rushed into the bathroom, where she threw up into the toilet, crying as she did so. She straightened up and looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes were reddened and puffy, and she was pale. If she called the police to report Bdsm virtual master blackmail attempt they would want to know more about the identity of her blackmailer.

What could she tell them? And by the time she called the police and got to talk to a detective, 9 PM would have come and gone, and it would be too late.

She took a deep breath. At the very least she should speak with this … individual … she was bright, and an attorney. She could scare him into silence, and get him to destroy the evidence.

At least if she spoke Bdsm virtual master him she could put things off enough to form some kind of plan. Steffi returned to the computer and logged on to Y-Chat. She ignored the icons showing that various of her girlfriends were online … probably getting ready to go out, she figured … and waited. She realized her hands were shaking, and she cursed at herself, willing Bdsm virtual master to stay still. Within moments, a bell rang on her computer screen, and up popped a box showing that a new person wished to chat.

The person was named VM, and she realized the time had come. I think you made the right choice. This is a serious crime you are committing. You would go to jail. Where do I live? Let me tell you about what I want from you. Bdsm virtual master, turn on the webcam that you own.

How do you Bdsm virtual master that I own a webcam? The same way that I know that your mother lives at the Greenbriar Home for the Elderly in Stepponing. Now, do you see why it might be a bad idea to go to the police? Turn on your webcam. The lies you are telling upset me. What do want me to do? Download this program from this link. Steffi clicked on the link, Bdsm virtual master a black webscreen appeared.

She followed the instructions, and within a few minutes the program VirtualMaster had been installed on her computer.

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Author s Note: This is a work of fiction. Any and all similarities to persons, living or dead, is/are purely coincidental. No relationship to any person, living or. It has a two types "Bdsm virtual master" software, one called Virtual Master, which does what it says Bdsm virtual master the tin, its a program that acts as your master, it gives you assignments, commands, will randomly call you and you must respond or be punished.

The punishments range from wearing a gage from Even though you might not be in the same Bdsm virtual master as your Master, you and it is, but many slaves still get flustered in the presence (virtual or not).

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