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Dating a girl that has commitment issues


User Name Remember Me? Dating a girl who has commitment issues, frustration is imminent. First time poster, Hi all. So my situation looks like this, I met this girl just over a year ago through a work mate, after hitting it off and becoming friends we eventually started dating. We have both met each others family and friends, and get on with all of them. Yet we are not in a committed relationship.

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I realised how much I liked her a while ago 4 months in? I got the hint and just continued on doing our thing as I am aware that her last relationship was a terrible one abused [lasted 7 or so years] and she stresses how she does not want to be hurt again. The commitment topic has been brought up a couple times since then and not always by me, yet each time it has been raised it ends in the same fashion; her getting mighty upset and telling me I need to find a nice girl.

The last couple weeks have been Dating a girl that has commitment issues with her, doing all of the couples stuff listed before and just having a blast with one and other, I really thought we were getting somewhere and that she may be close to breaking down those walls, but just tonight we were messaging and she asked something along the lines of 'I don't know where we're at? After answering back that I thought we could call us an 'Us' the usual mood followed although it seems to have already smoothed over.

Dating a girl that has commitment issues seeing how things have progressed over the last 6 months of dating, and how well things are going, it hurts a bit when she throws up those walls and makes me feel as if I am being strung along.

If you have read this far thank you, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Share Share this post on Digg Del. I think she is being cautious and testing you at the same time because of what happened with her last relationship.

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I would continue keeping things light and fun with her as when you have a serious talk she seemingly gets antsy and scared. It could be bad feelings coming to the surface from her last boyfriend. I would continue dating her and if you're still with her in 6 months, I would Dating a girl that has commitment issues have a serious talk about where you guys stand.

That's not fair to you. A R shouldn't be so frustrating. I totally disagree with truthseeker. If she is so fked up from her last R that she isn't ready for a new one and you have to adjust around her moods, then she should be in therapy or single until she is actually ready for someone new.

I wouldn't bother with someone like this. Thanks for the input guys, still not sure what I'm going Dating a girl that has commitment issues do on this one, seems I'm a sucker for punishment.

Her issues existed prior to her remaining in an abusive relationship for seven years. How much time are you willing to invest absent a commitment? That's really the question. That really is the question, something that has been on Dating a girl that has commitment issues mind for a little while. Though I feel like I have invested too much to back out now. You're not going to break through these walls because the emotional level is just not there.

She knows you're a nice guy, you're someone she can depend on and count on and makes for good companionship, but that romantic factor, that emotional overwhelming feeling she would need to have in order to break beyond is not there and cannot be created.

You sound like "Dating a girl that has commitment issues" rebound guy to me, you're someone much different than the person her hurt her She's settled into this nice little comfort zone with you and it's safe and secure, you're the nest and she's learned to live her life comfortably that way but every time you try and push out of that bubble she's forced to say and express things she does not want to You want answers to questions that will make these people feel bad about themselves so they avoid it, lash out, or throw up a wall.

You're barking up the wrong tree Settle with this and hope someday down the road she settles to being with you Sorry to de-rail for a moment, but I'm always seeing people say "get on" as in "to get on a motorcycle" or "get on top of something" I though in context in this case it was, "We get ALONG with the parents and family" Unless it's a cultural language thing? All times are GMT The time now is 1: The suggestions and advice offered on this Dating a girl that has commitment issues site are opinions only and are not to be used in the place of professional psychological counseling or medical advice.

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Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! Having trust issues with the girl im dating Commitment phobia in women has become prevalent these days.

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the worlds of dating, romance, relationships, marriage and friendships. Thread: Girl I'm dating, Commitment Issues. on the other hand, if your silence/ absence has shown her she does really like you, she'll contact. Dating a commitment-phobe can weigh pretty heavy on your shoulders. Men and women with commitment issues tend to have a deep fear of intimacy, and.

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