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Think of it as our love letter to, well, love. Here at Mashable, we believe love knows no limits — not even when it comes to the boundaries of existing in different canonical universes. Sometimes characters deserve better than the potential suitors in their own fictional worlds.

Other times, the chemistry would be so fierce that we refuse to let a silly obstacle like different IPs get in the way of fate.

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So we paired off some of our favorite characters with their perfect crossover paramores. You might call this fanfiction and some of it literally is. But we call it the serious business of Mashable Matchmaking: Sorry Jon, but Daenerys has a type. The Mother of Dragons might wish a purehearted do-gooder was enough for her. But in her heart of hearts, Dany knows she's all about the warmongering badasses who match her strength and ensure her ascension to the throne.

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Khal Drogo might not have been able to, but you won't see the literal God of War slayed by an infected cut or witchcraft. Oh and Kratos has the added benefit of not being Daenerys blood-related nephew. Kratos also isn't just a more durable i. He's also proven himself to be a man willing to change, learn, and evolve beyond his worst qualities. It's no secret that Kratos used to be a garbage human, with an abysmal track record with women to put it mildly.

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But in his newest iteration, Kratos shows how much he's learned — and he makes his love for his powerful and formiddle wife RIP very clear. He loves a woman who can dominate in battle.

But he also just might even be able to teach Dany about the costs of inciting wars and seeking revenge. These two know what it is to lose everything. Left without families — their stories soaked in blood, fire, and tragedy — they can find a respite from their trauma in each other.

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Though, granted, Kratos will have to modify his instinct of "kill first" whenever he sees a dragon. Okay, so I can't personally take credit for the unquestionable masterpiece that is this ship.

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But, I will use my voice to loudly support it and monster love in general whenever possible. Everyone's favorite nightmare in a top hat was claimed as a gay icon, but one question remained: As fate would have it, the September release of It floated Pennywise into theaters and the rest is history. With a mutual love of outrageous fashion and terrorizing children, Pennywise and the Babadook are the queer power couple you didn't know you needed.

When the villagers return years later, this time with their torches lit and pitchforks sharpened in the name of liberty, equality, and fraternity, Belle barely escapes the castle with her life.

She naturally supports the revolution, but who would believe that a princess wants to fight for the people? Out in space a beast of a general, a hero of more than one revolution, looks at how happy Han Solo and his fierce princess bride have become. He sits in the cockpit of the Millenium Falcon and sends a wish out into the universe — somewhere out there is a beauty who might one day love a beast like him. We're not entirely sure that either of these characters are capable of "love.

Best online hookup sites 2018 crossovers reviews purple both very capable of obsession — both with their evil plans and the people who embody that evil doing. Belatrix would never leave Voldemort, especially after birthing his spawn of Satan in Cursed Child. He, like Voldemort, is also very into genocide, so they'd have a lot to bond over.