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Shaved below erotic stories


Lisa was making supper when her daddy came home from work. He was grouchy tonight. He banged through the front door, answered her "Hi Daddy" with a growl and disappeared into his bedroom. Lisa shook her sixteen year old head as she stirred the hamburger helper. Shaved below erotic stories missed her mother at times like these. Valerie O'Conner had died of cancer two years ago, and Lisa and her father had carried on as best they could since then.

But sometimes it was hard. On both Shaved below erotic stories them. She finished up and set the table. Then she went to her father's door and knocked on it lightly. She was Shaved below erotic stories for him just inside the dining room.

As soon as he walked in she slid up to him, slid her arms around him and melted against him. She actually felt him relax.

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She pushed him away, her face lighting up. I'm so happy for you. I don't even know how it happened. I mean I went in there Shaved below erotic stories give him an update on the Turner deal and the next thing I knew she was standing next to me, saying as how she'd be delighted to have dinner with me. For some strange reason that Shaved below erotic stories her stomach feel That's part of the problem.

She's a high class lady. You can't just jump the bones of a woman like that and It's just that it's been a long time and Paul looked at his daughter, horrified. He should have watched his mouth.

Now she was all upset. He pulled her into his arms and she hugged him hard, sobbing into his chest. I miss her too. It HAS been two years, and what with watching you turn into a teen babe, and seeing other beautiful women, it makes me miss Val all the more.

Sometimes I guess I just Shaved below erotic stories horny.

I have long black hair...

Shaved below erotic stories stupid could a man be to say something like that to his daughter? But oddly enough, Lisa didn't seem to mind. She pulled her tearstained face back from his chest and looked up at him. I've just sort of gotten used to having you all to myself.

I guess maybe I'm just a little bit jealous. I'm happy for you. Then she pushed him to the table and they talked about other things during dinner. After dinner Paul mumbled that he had to do something and disappeared into the bathroom. She jumped up from the chair and ran to the door. Then he yelled "Don't "Shaved below erotic stories" in! Why should he think she'd walk in on him. He always shaved in Shaved below erotic stories morning. And he used an electric razor.

She didn't hear the sound of the razor now, though. Then the door handle turned and the door opened Her father's face was looking through the crack.

His five Shaved below erotic stories shadow hadn't been touched. She tried to see through the crack in the door. But Paul noticed it right away. He was tying the sash of a robe he'd obviously just put on. Lisa went into the room, peering in all directions, like she was trying to find someone hiding in there.

It didn't occur to her that her Shaved below erotic stories had just invited her into the bathroom to explain something to her. Lisa stopped and turned to look at her father. Now her young face showed concern. What's wrong Daddy" there was the hint of panic in her voice. The loss of her mother was still relatively fresh. I mean YES, everything's fine.

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Nothing's wrong" he said. Then at the ceiling, and the corner, and Shaved below erotic stories anywhere in the bathroom except at Lisa. Lisa stared at him. Her mouth fell open. Paul took her silence for disapproval. I got to thinking about. If she hadn't died we would have had more, but now I don't want to have more children, Shaved below erotic stories if I I don't want there to be any But there was a funny "nice" feeling in the pit of her stomach when she heard him say he had shared his sperm with her mother, but didn't want to share it with anyone else.

For some reason she didn't WANT any other woman to get any of his sperm. What business of hers was it whose sperm got shared with whom? She thought again about how her father must be having a Shaved below erotic stories time It wasn't fair of her to keep other Shaved below erotic stories away from him. It'll save time and if I don't do it then one of his people will and I think I cut myself.

It changed their lives forever. You want me to help? I shave my legs all the time. Surely it "Shaved below erotic stories" be so different. She stopped, lifting an eyebrow as if to say "What? He kept in shape. Lisa had seen him in his running shorts. She'd seen him in his underwear. She'd seen him wrapped in a towel. But Lisa had never seen him quite like this. She realized with a blush that he was quite a stud.

His penis hung heavy, dangling between his hairy thighs. It wasn't circumcised and the skin was dark. There was a nest of black kinky hair all around the base, and it flowed down onto his heavy, full looking ball sack. There was one place where she could see skin, where he'd scraped the razor through his hair.

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There was Shaved below erotic stories place where he'd started, actually on the base of his penis, but had stopped. There was a red stain there, where he'd cut himself. Lisa sat down on the vanity stool. She picked up the razor and inspected it. It was a throwaway. She stared up at him. She looked around again. He just opened the cabinet, got out a clean washcloth and the shaving cream.

He extended them to her. She ran the washcloth under the hot water and began to rub it all over his penis and balls. She opened a drawer and pulled out a Shaved below erotic stories pair of scissors. That way it doesn't foul up the razor as bad. Then she squirted a dollop of cream on her hand.

She worked the shaving cream into my bush and I bit back a moan. I wanted her to put her hand under me, on my most private area, the part of. With the onset of puberty, hair stated to grow on my body which had previously been completely bald. As I got older, hair grew around my groin and armpits and.

Free Original Erotic Stories. tag Shaved below erotic stories TimeThe This story, as are all stories, isn't written for everyone. "Phil, I need someone to shave Shaved below erotic stories and I thought you might. You've.

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He stood up and peeled his shorts down to just below his balls.

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