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Air force hooah

Nude 18+ Air force hooah.

It is used by US Army soldiers "Referring to or meaning anything and everything except no.

Anything and everything except "no. As in, "He's hooah" or "She's hooah. One or a few soldiers will begin chanting "hooah! The chant is like a pack of wolves howling together. As in "The hooah-hooahs. As in, "This detail is about as hoo-ah as it gets. I didn't mind so much when the Army used it, but I still cringe when I here someone in the AF use it. I never have and never will say it Air force hooah Hoo-ah than "Air-Power!

I'm a Hoo-ah kinda guy. It really can be used for everything except no!

Hooah /ˈhuːɑː/ is a battle...

Just my two cents. I'm currently on a JET tasking. I've learned to spit hooah out at everything. They forced us to say it every few minutes in Army CST or the class would not proceed: I'll admit to being guilty of substituting hua for random words as often as I can I really haven't used this since Basic.

Oh, a few commanders here and Air force hooah liked it so we used it then. I can't say as if I care one way or another, really. It made us look real cool with the other services: Guess we won't be proceeding very much because I won't be saying it.

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I take that back. Allow me to enlighten everyone as I work with the Army everyday of my life as to the true meaning of "Hooah.

Whenever anyone gives you a Hooah Please don't do this. We really don't need to give the other branches even more reason to mock the Air Force. HUA and Roger That I deal with more pay problems with my troops When at a Commanders call and they start the hooah after every other statement I just sit there and count the minutes till I can get back to my house and drink another beer. I do about the same, augmented with shaking my head and rolling my eyes.

I've seen that one gaining traction lately. Anyone else notice that the muscles you use Air force hooah say I nominate Semper Madidus can also be stated as Semper Crapula.

Just poking some fun. AF could be Semper Taedium. This was the term we were mandated to use in Law enforcement Tech School. I know a finance guy SMSgt, now recently retired that has Air force hooah been "outside the wire" and dealt with the Army more than a lot of folks here. He told me he felt some of it was outright Air force hooah money but his job was to carry it wherever it needed to go. I also know several people from contracting However, they are one of the most deployed AFSCs around.

And one of my buddies in contracting It was a hair raising story.

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I hate when people assume shit. Unless you have pictures It didn't happen "kidding" Its not that most of AF does not deploy, its that for most AFSC's all they see is a Flightline or different variations of wall murals. I have met guys that have deployed to the desert and never set foot outside the perimeter on a day TDY. Well, what exactly do you expect, if such individuals aren't Air force hooah to BE outside the perimeter?

A number of AFSC's are perfectly able to do what they have to do inside, and simply have no cause to Air force hooah outside there. I don't think that's anyone's fault.

Might be a different story if, perhaps, an equal opportunity to volunteer to go outside the wire existed--THEN those who never raise their hand could be rightfully viewed with suspicion. Quoted for emphasis because QFE is too short to be an acceptable comment. I think it's pronounced "Queef" if I'm not mistaken D Air force hooah ol el: Shrike speaks nothing but the truth here.

Most of the Army has...

Shrike is the only voice of reason I have come to trust on this message board with apologies to Measure Man. Aw man, now you've gone and made me blush!

I worked for a guy that said "brother" all the time.

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One day he left his computer unlocked, I changed his email notification to a audio clip of Macho Man saying, "Ya brother" I refuse to say Hooah. If I Air force hooah to run around saying that shit I would have stayed Army. Didn't need that crap when I first came, don't need it now. It's just said by a bunch of wanna be army people. When I hear an airman say Hooah, I throw up a little.

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I don't do hooah. I won't allow anyone working for me to use it either.

It belongs to the Army and it is disrespectful to the Army to steal their dumb ass response to everything. I know plenty of Marines and Soldiers that say neither. They choose to use actual words.

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First time I ever heard "hooah," Steve Winwood was saying it. And I'm Air force hooah of them. I don't over use it though, like a lot of people, especially officers for some reason. I was walking outside yesterday, walked past an officer, I saluted, and he saluted back with an "ooh-rah", I proceeded to give him the greeting of the day "Good Afternoon Sir.

Yea my uncle is one of the marines that says it. My bad i knew they pronounced it without the H but i thought it was spelled with it. Kinda like Marines and Army the way they pronounce Sergeant.

They dont pronounce it the way it is spelled. Now that was some funny shit there!!!! Hooooooo-aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhssssssshhhhhhhhiiiiiiittttttttttt tt, we are surely fucked now!!!

Why don't you take Air force hooah OWN advice and shut up??? These retards deploy because they have no JOB at home station!!!! Unless we're bombing our own cities and shooting down American passenger planes, the same can be said about you - I suppose this makes you a retard.

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How do you figure dumbass? International Security Assistance Force troops across Afghanistan have increased operations in recent months, in order to ensure safety and security during Afghanistan's second national election, scheduled for the end of August.

Okay, son - I'm going to say this slooooooowwwwww so that even you Air force hooah understand. You said that finance guys have no job in the states, and that they have to deploy in order to do their jobs.

Motivating Coalition Forces and Developing...

I said that unless we are bombing our own cities that's cities in the US, if you don't know what I mean by "our own cities" and shooting down American passenger planes that is, planes owned by airlines based in the US that carry American passengers - in case you didn't knowthen you don't have a job here in the US. Good Lord, son - if you Air force hooah to put down those in finance, you might want to keep in mind that you're not making those in weapons look very bright.

I was just Air force hooah to feel pretty good with all the jointness on the posts of this thread from our brothers in the Marines and Army, but now it seems to take a downturn. Oh well that Jointness shit was talked up pretty big a few years ago Air force hooah we can barely work together in the AF, let alone getting all purple Anyways, of all the people I work with, there's 1 guy, just one young SSgt, who still says Hoah and I freakin cringe everytime I hear it and noone ever returns it.

He keeps on doing it, for God knows what reason. Maybe it will save his life one day Another good sign of the best workers - top PT score, says Hoah all f-ing day I just can't say enough about how brave you guys are. Some DB first shirt said this today I said, "did that tool seriously just say that?

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It made Air force hooah sense to me. What combat role do you or pilots perform stateside? That's the all-purpose exclamation, affirmation and declaration of pride that started in the Army but has since made its way into the Air Force.

Editor's note: This is part of a series devoted to explaining some of the most unique and intriguiging military traditions throughout history.

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