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Direct Response Marketing

Direct response marketing is a type of marketing strategy that is designed to elicit immediate response and move prospects to take some specific action such as opting in to your email list, call list, making orders or visiting your website.

Features of Direct Response Marketing

Easy to Track
When someone responds, you can identify the ad and media was responsible for generating that response. This contrasts with mass media or brand marketing as no one will ever know the ad compelled you to buy a specific product.

As you know how many advertisments are being responded to and how many sales you have received from each one, you can easily measure how effective each ad is. You can then do away with or change ads that are not giving you an ROI.

Often, direct response marketing has a convincing message of strong interests to your targeted prospects. It uses attention-grabbing headlines with strong sales copy that is salesmanship in print. The ad in most cases looks more like an editorial than an advertisement thus making it at three times more likely to get read.

Has Specific Offers
Usually the ad makes specific value-packed offer. Often, the aim is not to necessarily sell anything from the ad but to compel the prospect to take the next step like requesting a free report.

Response Demanding
Direct response advertising has a call to action compelling the prospects to do something specific. It also includes a means of responding and capture of these responses.

Direct Response Marketing Techniques
It Must be Easy
All direct response marketing techniques must reduce the barriers to response. Clearly define what your consumer needs to do so as to respond to your marketing. Offer numerous ways in which they can respond and spell them out simply and often.

Have Giveaway
Pople love to get something for free. In addition to your products and services, include a freebie such as a sample, newsletter, booklet or free webinar. Make sure that the extra product has a price value attached to it to have your customers quantify what they are getting for free. This serves as an extra inducement to value-oriented customers who otherwise might be undecided about responding.

Offer Specific Statistics
Cite statistics about your product’s success. Emphasize on positive results and highlight the popularity of your product. Many consumers like the sense of reassurance that this gives them that other customers have also enjoyed the product they are contemplating.

Set a Time Limit
Create some sense of urgency around your ad or message. Include a discount price offer and let them know that it is only available for a limited time. This is a way of encouraging your customers to stop procrastinating and make a decision.

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