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Who is jen from basketball wives hookup


Well, her request has been denied by a judge because the court found no reason for the restraining order. Now Jennifer you know lady hips Tim is not stalking Who is jen from basketball wives hookup It is not just me that experienced his crazy ass, this is another women he stalked from St Louis.

So his ass needs to stop lying about me being bitter!!! He even alleges that she tried to run him down with her car and slashed his tires. Jennifer is lying and everyone knows this. He was too happy to get rid of your sneaky ass!! Jennifer had no real interest in Tim outside of using him for face time to push her clothing line.

I totally believe Tim.

Evelyn holds a fundraiser for...

I am jus not seeing this Tim does not put me in The mind of a stalker. Jennifer is flat out lying! Stevie Wonder can see that. This latest move makes her look desperate. I suggest people who are afraid for their life not call ac accused stalker crazy in addition to other comments on social media. Jennifer, has always been an agressor. Just look at Who is jen from basketball wives hookup history of her ex husband. She, is quick to throw something at you. Jennifer is an Oppertunist.

She will prey on anyone who she thinks, can get her into the spot light. Truth be told, Jennifer, would love fir someone to stalk her. The girl is a Wacko. Be ware of her my brothers. WWW Super and Easiest 0nl! Who in the hell is Jennifer? Jennifer was the one making all of these plans.

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She was trying to get his cousin in cahoots with her to try to get Tim buy her a ring. Jennifer is a liar. Tim is too busy making moves to follow her selfish behind. She used him to get on TV.

"Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams...

Just could wait for the new season of Basketball wives. Tim is too busy trying to make money to be stalking her. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Basketball Wives Through the Seasons. Thank you for subscribing! Please be sure to open and click your first newsletter so Who is jen from basketball wives hookup can confirm your subscription. Sheryl on August 2, at 3: Tiffani Young on August 6, at 9: Seven Williams on August 2, at 1: Barbara on August 2, at Angela Morris on August 2, at Susan on August 2, at I think Jennifer Williams is lying about Tim Norman stalking her.

Angelfrmla on August 2, at Guest on August 2, at 7: Chipi on August 2, at 6: KWill on August 1, at 9: Nicole Love on August 1, Who is jen from basketball wives hookup 9: T johnn on August 1, at 5: Loretta J on August 1, at 4: Just like she told a lie on her friend evelyn she full of it girl get a life. Wanda on August 1, at 3: Just the fact that there are fans of this sewer slop leaves me feeling hopeless for the future.

Saturn on August 1, at 1: Creative on August 1, at 1: Add Your Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email Who is jen from basketball wives hookup Address never made public.

Don't show this to me again. "Basketball Wives" star Jennifer Williams has fired back at her ex-boyfriend, claiming he's violent and she's deathly afraid of him. Jennifer Williams told Shaunie O'Neal that Evelyn Lozada slept with her ex on the Season 7 Basketball Wives super trailer. It looks like Evelyn was trying to keep the hookup a secret and if she was, letting Tami Roman find.

If you've been keeping up...

[HOOKUP ALERT] Basketball Wives' Star Jennifer Williams New Boyfriend. Jennifer Williams And Cisco Rosado Hit The Red Carpet. Jennifer.

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