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The Different Kinds of Gloves Used In Boxing

The gloves used in boxing are very many varieties. These gloves are widely distinguished based on their sizes, weight and shape. It is always a costly affair when one purchases the wrong gloves. The purpose for the glove is one of the many guiding factors in choosing the best boxing glove to purchase. Elucidated herein are some of the wide varieties of boxing gloves.

Heavy bag hitting gloves. Due to the weight of the bag being hit, these gloves are largely meant to protect your hand while hitting the bag. These gloves are largely used in a training session to hit training aids. Punching the bags produce great impact hence these gloves are meant to absorb the impact hence protecting the hand knuckles.

Gloves used in spar training. These are gloves designed to protect both you and your sparring partner. They are meant to enhance skills and not kick out your partner. They are a bit bigger and more padded than the gloves used in bouts. They stand out due to the highly padded knuckles and the wrist support they give. Due to their increased weight, they are best in building stamina and endurance more so to the shoulders.

Training gloves. These gloves are used by a lot of boxers. They are made in a special way ensuring that they can fill most of the training needs of a boxer However it is quite hard to find a perfect glove that will meet all the training needs. Some of the gloves will not be soft enough for sparring or hard enough for bag hitting. These gloves work well with the newbies.

Fighting gloves. These gloves are normally used for bouts. These gloves are mainly used by experienced boxers. The main aim of these gloves is to hurt the opponent hence they are lowly padded. They are meant to be used only in the fight. They can cause hand injuries if used for different purposes such as hitting the bag. They are expensive than other gloves as they are the core gloves.

Cardio gloves. These are gloves used on hitting bags. Unlike competition gloves, these gloves are heavily padded ensuring that the user is well protected from any harm. Those that have been using these gloves and may want to use them as they start boxing are heavily discouraged as these gloves are shortlived. They are the least padded as compared to the other boxing gloves hence their short life.

Muay Thai gloves. These type of gloves are slowly gaining popularity. These gloves are similar to most of the other types of gloves. However, they are more flexible to enable the fighter to grab their opponent in a fight.

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