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Piss in strange place


What's new New posts Latest activity. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I'm having weird "drunk urinations" in random places Watch Da Birdie I buy cakes for myself on my birthday it's not weird lots of people do it I bet Aug 29, So, last week I come home from the bar and to be honest I drank more than I usually do.

Having moved into my own place downtown, I've been going to the bar more and having fun, though for the most part I don't consider myself a heavy drinkerfor the Piss in strange place part I'm good at limiting myself if I have to work the next day, I walk to and from the bar each time without issue to avoid a DUI, and I don't "Piss in strange place" much at home.

But I'm pretty well behaved when drunk and able to control myself, I never do anything crazy and smart enough to avoid being taken advantage of. But, anyway, I walk home okay from the bar that night and while I feel a bit sick I'm otherwise able to get home perfectly fine and "Piss in strange place" remember using the bathroom and then crashing on the couch.

Next morning, I wake up and head to bed for a more comfortable nap for a bit and then wake up againthis time I go out Piss in strange place find my table from my couch is covered in liquid.

I clean it up, dry things off, and except for a magazine on the table getting soaked there's no lasting damage. I then realize the spot where the water is is directly beneath my air vent, which I left on all night a first for me in my new apartment and it was raining a lot, and figure it must be a leak or condensation. So, I call maintenanceto be honest they still haven't shown up, but that's another Piss in strange place. But I'm feeling positive that I didn't pee over my table.

And, really, though I jumped to peeing on my table at first it didn't make sensethe couch wasn't wet, none of my clothes were wet as I went to sleep on the couch in them, and the trajectory of the liquid didn't make sense if I stood up and peed. Well, I thought that was it butpretty much the same scenario happened last night, and yes I know the big takeaway from this is I need to watch my drinking habits more closely. This time my television set display was wet, and thankfully while none of my electronics got soaked it ruined my ARMS and Splatoon cases.

This time I have the vaguest memory of sitting? Once more the trajectory of the water makes no sense, like I'm a dude so why did the water slowly leak out from under me? And my pants and boxers were both dry, Piss in strange place I didn't leak through my clothes.

And once more the liquid is clear and odorless, which is pretty good since once I cleaned everything off you couldn't tell which is greatlike, honestly I'm in tears right now and so embarrassed. The area is also near the air vent, but not under it directly and I don't see how it could've fallen two feet over where the liquid wason the other hand, the situation was pretty much the same as the first night. Left my air condition on all Piss in strange place to see if it would "leak" again, it hadn't when I left for the bar though it started to rain on and off when I was at the barso, yeah, I'm either randomly urinating in places after drinking that defy my understanding of physics, or places in my house are starting to randomly get soaked overnight.

ElectricBlanketFire Member Aug 29, I'm going to take a wild guess and say you're drunk and urinating in random places. StopMakingSense Member Aug 29, It's a thing that happens to people. I once had to stop a college roommate from pissing his PowerBook. Smellycat Member Aug 29, Either stop getting drunk, or get drunk and don't go back home until you urinate in random places other than your house. You should try not drinking for a few nights, if there are still mystery fluids you can Piss in strange place yourself as the culprit.

UltraMagnanimous Member Aug 29, If you are getting drunk and having blackouts you really need to cut down for your own safety. Next time you might piss in the Piss in strange place while making drunken Piss in strange place tarts or something.

Marking your territory by pissing on it? The Culture Vulture Member Aug 29, You realize it's Tuesday afternoon? Bread Banned Piss in strange place 29, Watch Da Birdie said: Throw on one of these bad boys OP.

In all seriousness I hope you guys don't judge me too harshly for this, I'm really embarrassed by it and wanted to ask in an anonymous place.

Having moved into my own...

BigDug13 Member Aug 29, Only time it happened to me was when I was cross faded. Any chance you smoked "Piss in strange place" night too? NoblesseOblige Banned Aug 29, CoolOff Member Aug 29, That's my guess, but none of it makes sense to me where the water ends uplike when dudes get drunk and urinate, I assume it's usually sprayed all around randomly. Like there's no splatter, it's like the water just drips down in Piss in strange place place and slowly spreads.

And it doesn't seem like it's urine? Well, like I said, no lasting damage, but I'm definitely going to try and work on limiting my drinks at the bar more closely. I've been going to the bar more I Piss in strange place consider myself a heavy drinker I'm the type of person who people buy drinks for and I'm easily peer pressured I drank quite a bit I'm pretty well behaved when drunk and able to control myself I never do anything crazy I need to watch my drinking habits more closely I have the vaguest memory of sitting?

Dictator93 Member Aug 29, How in the fuck are you just pissing on everything? How are you so drunk you cannot remember that? How much are you drinking that you have such clear and urea free piss?

What are you doing?!

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Boem Member Aug 29, Well I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Just to add something: That happens when you drink too much liquids. Jarrod38 Member Aug 29, Stop getting so drunk Piss in strange place pee in random places. ClosingADoor Member Aug 29, Dude, stop drinking so much that you can't remember what you did that night. Pastry Banned Aug 29, I drank a loooot in college Piss in strange place never once pissed in a non-normal place.

I honestly don't get how it happens lol. WickedLaharl Member Aug 29, Pai Pai Master Banned Aug 29, Time to stop drinking for awhile. Aurongel Member Aug 29, Jokes aside, that shit can land you on the sex offender registry which will basically end your life.

BlackSalad Member Aug 29, Rentahamster Rodent Whores Aug 29, That might be a sign you need to cut down on the alcohol, friend. I don't drink a lot between bar visits, which is once a week basically. And this hasn't happened since the last week when I drank, but also this is the first time A I turned on the air conditioner for an extended period of time and B it rained since then so I do wonder if there's some weird air condensation going on.

Like the morning when I found the water on my table, I even looked up at the vent and saw water dripping from it? If you are drinking a ton of beer it's gonna be basically just water.

Hanmik Member Aug Piss in strange place, Put up a camera. Art Teitlebaum Member Aug 29, Back in my teenage days we had a friend who did this.

Another pee survey! The most...

He pissed on chairs at the bar, into an aquarium or into a grand piano. Never remembered these events. He should be thankful that these were the days before smartphone cameras in every pocket.

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I mean, like apart from this back in College I had two times where I wet the bed after drinking, but that seems a bit more "normal" than randomly urinating while awake. Hypron Member Aug 29, Stop drinking so much, it's not healthy Maybe consider setting up a webcam or something and just record your room for the entire night.

"Piss in strange place" the recording Piss in strange place the morning. You'll find out what happens. Stop drinking, you alcoholic. Anyway, I would say the "craziest/stupidest" ive taken a piss occured 2 So what are your stories of wierd/crazy/stupid places you've taken a.

Where are the best places to urinate outside? Advertisement Anyway, the key to a good outdoor piss is security. You want to Is this weird?. That urinal thread awhile back got me thinking, what weird places do you pee. The backyard doesn't count because thats part of nature. I pee in.

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