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Blog glans shaft lick tongue


A blowjob focuses on his pleasure with specific attention to his genitals. Here we look at his genitalia and devide it into distinct erotic zones and give you some fun tips on how to work each area. Beware that while most of these blowjob techniques are fairly easy to try, some are not for the faint of heart, and may require a willing and open mind from both parties.

The Up & Down

The urethra opening is also know as the pee hole or more crudely the piss hole and is where Blog glans shaft lick tongue and in the case of a blowjob; semen exits the body. The small hole is more of a slit and has two half moon shaped red areas to each side that are soft and fleshy. The glans is more commonly known as the head or more colorfully as the purple helmet.

It is somewhat softer and spongier than the shaft of the penis, and resembles the texture of a hard boiled egg. This area is the focus of most blowjobs for two reasons: Not every man has one of these.

If he has been circumcised then he is missing this skin which in an uncircumcised man, covers the head of the penis. There are pros and cons to having a foreskin. Those men who are circumcised are generally less sensitive, which can make it harder to make them come. Circumcised men however can often seem cleaner. This is because under the foreskin, something called smegma is produced that can have a strange smell.

However, with good hygiene, there Blog glans shaft lick tongue no reason an un-cut man cannot keep his penis clean and fresh. The urethra is the tube that carries the urine and semen through the penis and out of the body. If you draw a line from the anus to the tip of the penis, you may notice a line of discoloured skin along this trail.

This is more easily visible on the skin covering the urethra. In some men it is not noticeable, in Blog glans shaft lick tongue it is quite distinguishable.

The shaft is made of three parts. There is the tube that is along the underside, which carries urine and semen out of the body. The other two part are called the 'corpa cavernosa' these are the part of the penis that fills with blood and become hard, creating the erection.

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Some men have a slight curve to their shaft. Most apparently to the Blog glans shaft lick tongue, and some more so than others. The scrotum is the skin pouch or sack that holds the testicles. The testicles themselves are extremely sensitive, and the slightest jolt can cause pain.

The scrotum on the other hand is quite durable, and Blog glans shaft lick tongue handle a fair amount of pulling, pinching, squeezing before it becomes painful. The perineum is known by a few names, more commonly "the taint", or "no man's land", and is the area between the balls and the anus.

What we see of his cock sticks out above his balls, but the shaft actually continues under the balls and even under the perineum.

Go ahead and lick his...

So area of skin hiding behind his balls is also hiding the rest of his Blog glans shaft lick tongue This is the area between his ball sack and his leg, the pit that might be comparable to an arm pit.

It's not an attractive name, but it is still a sensitive area that can be used to your advantage in proving amazing blowjob pleasure. An area for the more adventurous. But for those who are adventurous enough, oh the fun you can have!! Blog glans shaft lick tongue anus is the exit hole for faeces and because of this is an unhygienic area to delve into Blog glans shaft lick tongue. If you do wish to explore this area be sure to wash well in the shower beforehand.

Blog glans shaft lick tongue may want to consider Blog glans shaft lick tongue dams and rubber gloves. It is a sphincter and thus can open and close, but forcing it can cause pain and injury.

Warnings over, let's get to the fun. If you have found this list of ways to pleasure his male anatomy to be educational, be sure to read the blowjob guidewhere you will find the secret to giving great head. Every year, we donate to wikipedia.

This year, we're also supporting Net Neutrality. Urethra Opening The urethra opening is also know as the pee hole or more crudely the piss hole and is where urine and in the case of a blowjob; semen exits the body. The urethra opening is a very sensitive area on a penis, but it isn't as pleasure sensitive as other areas. Some men find it a turn on to have their urethra opening licked as if you were trying to get the tip of your tongue inside but be very gentle. Try it out to see how your man reacts, but remember it is a sensitive area and too much attention can be aggravating.

Another trick to try with the urethra opening, is when he is coming, if you aren't a big fan of swallowing - try putting the underside of your tongue over the urethra opening and this will force the cum to squirt under your tongue and dribble out.

This might sound strange but no taste buds under your tongue means the main complaint of cum the taste is eliminated. Glans The glans Blog glans shaft lick tongue more commonly known as the head or more colorfully as the purple helmet. The head is the focal point in a blowjob.

This might sound strange but...

Of course, try to see as many places as you can, but this is where you end up and this is how you make him come. Whether you are using your hand, mouth, breasts, whatever - keep the head inside. If it's your hand, stoke part of his shaft, but it's always the top that guys focus on, so learn from them. If it's your mouth, then the old school up and down bobbing action Blog glans shaft lick tongue it done.

Take the head into your mouth, and just Blog glans shaft lick tongue crazy with your tongue. Try Blog glans shaft lick tongue put your tongue on random - swirl it around the whole head, just use the tip, use the rough side, use the smooth underside, flick it like a snake, use it "Blog glans shaft lick tongue" you might be stroking the chin of a baby kitten.

Go crazy and try to get your tongue everywhere at the same time, while keeping the head in your mouth. Using your hands somewhere else at the same time is gold! This technique is more to excite him mentally than provide direct stimulation, but that is just as important. Hold the shaft firmly or stroke him slowly while you lick just the head like a lollipop.

Make sure he can see what you are doing, and with a sexy "I know you love this" smile, look him right in the eyes as you take a big lick of his sweet lollipop. Another show-off move that works well if you throw it in every so often. Simply come up off his cock for a few seconds and swirl your tongue around the head. You can just swirl your tongue around the head, or you can try to follow the coronal ridge where the head flares out. Either way, this is a teaser or a mental pleaser, so you only Blog glans shaft lick tongue do it for a little while to make it work.

Too long and it will get boring. Foreskin Not "Blog glans shaft lick tongue" man has one of these. Some men's foreskin will automatically retract when they become erect, but most will remain covering the head until manually pulled back. Suck the head with the foreskin still up and slip your tongue under the foreskin, exploring the hidden head with Blog glans shaft lick tongue tip of your tongue.

Once you have finished exploring, make a tight ring with your lips and push the foreskin back. Men with foreskins masturbate differently to men without. Often they will keep their foreskin up to act as a lube, by reducing the direct friction on their head, which is generally more sensitive due to it being protected by the foreskin all day.

Urethra The urethra is the tube that carries the urine and semen through the penis and out of the body. As the urethra forms part of the shaft, just about everything you are doing to the shaft during a blowjob, you are doing to the urethra. The urethra is on the underside, and for some reason the underside of the penis is more sensitive that the top, so using your tongue to trace the urethra is a fun way to use your tongue during your blowjob. Blog glans shaft lick tongue, if you are stroking the shaft, try "Blog glans shaft lick tongue" your hand so your thumb is directly over the urethra tube.

This tip is for after the finale. Once your man has come, there still might be a drop of semen left inside the urethra. Most men after bringing themselves to orgasm, will squeeze the length of their shaft like a toothpaste tube to get this last drop out. They wouldn't Blog glans shaft lick tongue it if it didn't feel good, so try it out for him. Ten Blog glans shaft lick tongue if you are enthusiastic enough to lick that last drop of the tip of his cock with a "cat got the milk" grin.

Shaft The shaft is made of three parts. The main method of attack for the shaft it to use your hands. Use your hand to stroke it while you are using your mouth elsewhere. When gripping a mans penis, be quite firm. If you put your hand around your wrist and apply just enough pressure to stop blood circulation so that the veins on your hand start to swell - that is the absolute minimum pressure use on a guys shaft.

In fact, that amount of pressure will be a delicious Blog glans shaft lick tongue, so don't be afraid to use a grip twice as firm. Stroke up and down, and when your mouth gets tired, let you stroking cover his whole dick.

So while you may use your hand most of the time on his shaft, a great blowjob will see your tongue get everywhere. His cock is a dripping ice cream on a stick, and you are trying to lick it all up as fast as you can. Big licks up his shaft, using your whole tongue. Make it your goal to get saliva all over him. For this part, you don't want to have a dry tongue, so if you need to, have a glass of warm water nearby.

Warm water will keep your mouth nice and warm. Another way to keep the juices flowing is with a candy in your mouth. Or even use some tasty blowjob lube!

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Another way to get sexy with his shaft is to get a bit musical. Imagine Blog glans shaft lick tongue shaft is a harmonica and you are in a country band. First get him and your lips slippery, then start sucking on the side of his cock and slipping up and down, without breaking contact. Watch Twin Tongue Lick Fest video on the greatest sex tube site with tons Blog glans shaft lick tongue free Tongue Tube The lips go up and down the shaft and cock head.

Compilation Of Nice Slow Tongue Action On Some Hard Knobs - an early lover taught me to kiss and lick the frenulum of his swollen erection, where the sensitive underside of its excited glans connected with the shaft of his excited organ, until it ejaculated ywnb.infon blogtwitterinstagram. Upload Videos Galleries Categories Search Members Blogs. Videos, Galleries I love a hard crock Blog glans shaft lick tongue my mouth absolutely love the licking sucking twirling of my Me and BiFriend P3of6 Curling Her Toes With My Tongue and a Toy Delicious mom handjob rubbing up and down shaft licking knob.


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