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Ziva and tony hookup in real life


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Share your feedback on WikiFoundry Central. North 3 Australian Season Ziva and tony hookup in real life Ratings. JavaScript must be enabled in order for you to contribute to this site. Will it be good for the show? Personally, I have very, very mixed feelings on this subject! And will they be able to trust each other? What about the no dating Ziva and tony hookup in real life IF they date will Gibbs find out and fire or transfer either Tony or Ziva?

And will the Ziva and tony hookup in real life of the 'romance' be believable for us fans? That concerns me We ALL have seen many shows where a romance developed and it just ruined the show I do not wish to see this happen on NCIS! I just have a lot of concerns about the TIVA issue!

Tuesday's episode "delivers what you...

Do you find this valuable? Then a few sentences later states that by the end of the season the vast majority of the viewers will be satisfied with Tony and Ziva's relationship, which means that is must be a compromise somewhere in the middle. I hope it does not ruin the show. Being my main concern. I like Tony as the playboy and Ziva as she is but I agree it would be nice to see Ziva get a little closer to someone as friends.

But could Ziva Ziva and tony hookup in real life after Tony because of Michael? Couls Ziva be blaming Tony for 'all her current woes"?

Tuesday's episode "delivers what you...

Can we trust Ziva? She could be after Gibbs because of her brother Ari. I remember him shredding papers after Jenny died? I have never seen them Ziva and tony hookup in real life even moving toward a romantic connection, period.

Yes, they sort of flirt but that is a tool "Ziva and tony hookup in real life" Ziva has learned to master to get what she wants whether it's from Ziva and tony hookup in real life, suspects or other agents. She even said that she has had sex with suspects in order to interrogate them by gaining their trust. She has learned to shut off her emotions and do whatever is necessary to complete the mission no matter what the cost to herself. So a lot of the flirting and other innuendos are stemming from that on her part.

I think she does love him the way that she does the rest of her team that has become her only true family but not in love with him. The love and trust that partners have is unique on it's own and hard to explain to other people not in that line of work. She has never had a real, honest relationship with a man so I hope the writers give her that just not with Tony.

Didn't Tony sleep with Jeanne when he was playing her? Tony screwed up by falling in love with Jeanne. Ziva is finally getting in touch Ziva and tony hookup in real life her feelings and her feelings for Tony are far and above her feelings for the rest of the team.

Other than Tony who on the team does she flirt with? I haven't seen her use flirting on any suspect during the process of interrogating them. As Michael Weatherly said in an interview ,Ziva understands Tony better than anyone else. I also never said anything about it being the death of the show either. It's just that when she does those things it isn't necessarily because she wants them in that actual way.

She plays nice with some suspects the way Gibbs does and he has told her to work on relating to each suspect even if you don't way to because you think they are guilty as sin. Plus she has referred to in the past of sleeping with them to get information so wouldn't she have had to flirt with those suspects first? What I am saying is that just because she flirts and begins to open up to him doesn't equate being in love with him, in my opinion.

She can have feelings for him but not in a I want Ziva and tony hookup in real life spend my life with you and in your bed.

There is a unique difference between partners love and in love with or as lovers. She is a caring person and those feelings have been brought to the surface because of Gibbs and the rest of the team. She and Tony do have a complex relationship but I don't think that automatically means it has to turn into 'I love you' sexual one.

Tuesday's episode "delivers what you...

I know there is a multilevel love for a team "Ziva and tony hookup in real life" these guys. Tony and Ziva throughout cases have been thrown together more as partners than the rest of the team. In some ways McGee is kind of left out in the cold and I think it would be great to add a team member and have him have more of an actual partner.

She can know Tony better than Tony knows himself and again it doesn't have to mean it is in a star crossed lovers way. That is something that any partners in real life or fictional ones can tell you, they know each other inside and out, there strengths and weakness, etc.

Does that mean every partner in every show or in real life is secretly in love with each other? In several early episodes that was more evident, like when she wanted him to say he was driving when she purposefully rammed the embassy car. She wasn't even trying to hide the fact that she was up against him acting like she would give him anything he wanted if "Ziva and tony hookup in real life" would lie for her.

With Tony she trusts him more than she has trusted any other man or woman and that makes her feel weak, one of the reasons she was so angry, more at herself than him because he tried to warn her about Michael.

Plus Michael Weatherly has said that he doesn't really want them to be together like that, and Cote de Pablo does, so even the cast isn't sure how they would prefer it to play out! LOL My hope is that she allows Tony and the others to be her rock to get her through this situation both by being rescued or better yet she rescues herself and the aftermath. She deserves the chance to Ziva and tony hookup in real life her father and finally tell him to shove it.

So hopefully in my personal opinion she allows him to be the kind of friend and confidant that will be there for her whether it's to laugh, cry or kick ass with a case. This is just my opinion and everyone including you has a right to your own, that's why this wonderful site is so entertaining.

Here's to season 7! Maybe Ziva loves Tony more than he does. I don't knowbut I'd like another woman Ziva and tony hookup in real life Tony.

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Someone more sweet and feminine and less tough and ficklein her behaviour and feelings. He Ziva and tony hookup in real life stay with a woman who threaten to kill him! The only example that anyone can come up with is Moonlighting and that was around 25 yrs. The big surprise on the Season 13 finale NCIS, also the final episode for series co-star Michael Weatherly, hinged on Tony and Ziva.

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about tonight's season finale of CBS' NCIS. “We had a connection,” answered DiNozzo, “and obviously a very fond.

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Do YOU believe Tony and Ziva will "hook up"?. That is something that any partners in real life(or fictional ones)can tell you, they know each. As previously reported, Agents Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David, who have always . Feel free to check it against the Chicago Manual of Style. . Would a real-life NCIS team tolerate a romantic mash-up within the group?.


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