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I am curious as to what you might have been thinking when you made your purchases. You poor, poor people. How do you even live like this? This is the 21st century. All women need to be spanked by their husbands or their boyfriends. Just because it's the 21st Century doesn't mean Jack. Is it biblical for "Spanking blog spank spanks spanked" woman to obey her husband and if she doesn't she deserve. Doesn't matter what you think, it's their life and their marriage so please keep out of it.

Bc it's our choice of living, and it is our choice of what we believe in so why should it matter what anybody else thinks, our marriage and our life, my marriage has totally uprooted since we started this in I love my life, I love knowing then Spanking blog spank spanks spanked am doing something good I love that I please my husband and all kinds of ways especially when I respect him and I get that same respect back Spanking blog spank spanks spanked me.

This is the way all women should be, totaly respectful of there husbants. Ive bin married for23 years now and i still adore him more now than ever! He dont smack me.

Let's start with hands, always...

But sure would like it. But he does correct me with a strong voice. Men should be in total control. My husband don't mistreat me but he sure will give me a huge awakening on my backside. I can so relate. I was also feeling it was somewhat erotic in my mind My husband has stepped up and changed how he spanks and now they are much more painful and efficient in getting the point across.

This is all new for us so I have been loving back-reading your journey! I respect both of you. Truth is I'm an acting like a spoiled little rotten brat for the past few days, being cocky and rude, so I have already been informed what's happening here in a bit, I did something pretty Spanking blog spank spanks spanked that could have hurt me if not killed myself or someone else So I'm in Alot of trouble Spanking blog spank spanks spanked My husband spanks me very night.

When he gets home from work he expects me to be bent over the back of a chair in our room with my panties down and the belt laid out for him. He "Spanking blog spank spanks spanked" me 50 strokes with the belt, unless I'm not in position when he walks in then I get more. When I forget to do one of my household duties or chores then he makes me go pick a switch off or tree and has me back over the chair nude for this.

We agree that this is to remind me to be a good wife and that he is in charge. Spanking is psychologically fascinating to women. Even those that aren't into being spanked are "Spanking blog spank spanks spanked" to the topic. That's why so many women have read the book or seen the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. I've also found spanking to be a topic women want to discuss with someone they can Spanking blog spank spanks spanked. Age doesn't seem to matter.

A girl that rode with me to high school told me how she got spanked. A mother in the neighborhood described being spanked over her mother's lap with a hairbrush when she was growing up.

A college coed told me about being spanked by her father after she smarted off to him during one of her visits home during her freshman year. A grandmother Spanking blog spank spanks spanked me being spanked by her father in front of her family after she was married. She even admitted what she'd done to deserve it. None were ashamed in the least. One reason may be there is some comfort in knowing they're not the only one interested in the subject.

I was spanked on my wedding night for the first time and no, it was not expected I have a love-hate relationship with it. Brit I am not alone though I have found that being spanked by my husband really helps me, especially when I am disrespectful and unkind.

We began living a DD lifestyle four years ago, when I did something that really hurt my husband badly. He almost left me, but he said I was "worth it" and stayed. Still, he remained very angry, and we could not get past it. So, I told him that I "Spanking blog spank spanks spanked" been reading about the DD lifestyle on line and how couples really felt that it worked. Next, we went out, together, and bought a dow rod. My husband decided that I would receive 50 strokes, in increments of 10, beginning with a hand spanking.

He had me get on all fours. It was so awkward for both of us, but it felt so right to me. I knew I deserved to be punished. I also knew that, when we were done with this spanking, it would be over. We agreed to that. Once he smoothed that healing cream onto my sore bum, the issue would be resolved. My husband told me to count out loud. What happened next shocked me. When he was done those first ten strokes, my husband burst into tears.

So, I hugged him and held him and kissed him and reassured him that, while we could stop right there, I really believed this was going to help us. So, he had me go down on all fours, again, and this time he used the dow rod.

It hurt a LOT. After 50 strokes, Spanking blog spank spanks spanked knew we were not done, because we had already talked about the possibility of my husband becoming aroused and how it would be my responsibility to take care of that. And yet, we understood that a punishment spanking was often not followed by sex in which the wife would find pleasure. This was punishment, after all, and we both took it very seriously.

During the spanking I was...

So, we Spanking blog spank spanks spanked that anal sex would be in order. I bent over, and he applied the lube. He was very, very gentle and kept asking me if I was okay. I told him that it was uncomfortable but that I wanted him to keep going, because this was a part of Spanking blog spank spanks spanked penance, and I accepted it. I feel that this first spanking may have actually saved our marriage.

That was four years ago, and there have been many spankings, since, but that one was definitely the most difficult. My last spanking was about 6 weeks ago, after I yelled at my husband in the car. I received 30 stokes with the ratan cane very thin. I was so glad that my husband agreed to spank me for that offense, because I was feeling very bad about it, and I knew I had hurt him with my words. My husband and I agree that it's better for me to receive a spanking than for Spanking blog spank spanks spanked to hurt each other with or words.

In the past, we would fight and say ugly things to each other. Now, I know that he is in charge, and if I am disrespectful, he will not shout at me. I will just be over his knee.

I am male and I am married Opposite to all writers here, I want my wife to spank me, in the same way the husbands spank their wives.

Normally it is me who misbehaves with my wife and this all is due to the stress which I feel when I return from office work. I do not know how to convince her to do so, however I have talked to her on it twice or thrice.

Nor is it anything new. My husband and I are new to this and I am the one that asked to begin this journey. We have been together for 22 years married I have a major control issue and sometimes act as if I have nothing to lose and do as I please. I know this is wrong and was finding myself upset that my husband allowed it.

He has agreed to try this with some dragging of the feet, of course. I have had two minor spankings for not following through on business stuff and for fighting with him over something he told me to do. The other Spanking blog spank spanks spanked I got upset over his reaction to something not dropping his plans for me so I lied to him and told him I had to run errands around town, but left upset and went to my sisters for the rest of the evening.

I did Spanking blog spank spanks spanked him where I went but the next day I told him I was mad when I left and didn't have errands to run. I was feeling guilty for lying to him. He is still mad that I lied to him and said I have 20 spankings with Spanking blog spank spanks spanked wooden spoon coming for lying and disrespecting him. I am dreading the spanking and wish he would just get it over with.

Now, my credit card bill came in my budget is a month for family needs and the bill is 1, I don't want to tell him with a spanking already looming over my head. Why did this dang bill come now Is it normal to have so many things happen back to back in Spanking blog spank spanks spanked beginning of this journey? I feel like I just keep messing up, but have done so well on so many other areas.

How many of you had other non-spanking friends find out about your spankings? . how to spank, I recommend reading this blog called Spanking whenever we break one of her stupid rules, she spanks us just as if we.

This NYC Daddy/Uncle has been spanking bad boys for almost 15 years! I believe in traditional Dad/Son discipline. Trips over the knee.

Time outs. Posted in Spanking | Tagged corner time, FM spanking, wife spanks. pants and boxers, turned him over my knee and began to spank him "Spanking blog spank spanks spanked" my hand.


It didn't take long till he was squirming about on my lap as I spanked his bare bottom.

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