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Divorce regret


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Mod posts Serious posts Megathread Breaking news Unfilter. Divorcees who initiated the divorce but now regret the decision. What "Divorce regret" the reason you initiated your divorce, and why do you now regret your action? Not me, but a kindly older gentleman that I knew had divorced his first wife when their daughter was eight. He eventually remarried and had a son. Divorce regret told me once if he could do his life over again, he would not have ever had that divorce.

He loves his current wife and loves his son, but he said, "No matter the troubles there were in my first marriage, losing them was not worth the pain and suffering the divorce caused my daughter. My uncle says something similar about his first Divorce regret. I firmly believe if my parents had split earlier, not only would they be happier, but my sister and I as well.

Though, it isn't a one size fits all scenario - more a case by case basis on a lot of these things. However, if deciding Divorce regret fix this marriage so we are happy again, and the family is healthy, because our children are worth it" can lead to Divorce regret happy home life for all involved, it is worth a try.

The decision to stay together for the children is a good idea if, and only if, it's a starting point. Divorce regret can't stagnate there, a couple then must work to make the marriage functional beyond that. My own father was hated by his Divorce regret because they felt he was the reason they were stuck in a miserable marriage. It messed him up pretty bad. However, the gentleman I spoke on, when looking back, believes that he could have been happy again with his first wife had he stuck it out, and worked on the improvements.

He feels that the damaged caused to his daughter was worse than it would have been to see them work their problems out in a healthy manner. We're currently staying together for the kids. She doesn't love me anymore and has no "Divorce regret" of working on the marriage. But we get along fine. I mean we often disagree because we're different people, but we make a pretty good parenting team.

It's pretty weird though.

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We often go out to dinner, just the 2 of us, like we did Saturday night. Hell, we even vacationed in Costa Rica for a week in January, just us two. As another person whose family acted in ways towards sabotaging a marriage, nobody talks about recognizing whether your family is a Divorce regret or negative force in your life as you mature. I'm sorry that happened to you. My ex was to blame for our divorce Divorce regret I will ways shoulder a little bit of what could I have done different.

Our divorce was amicable and it pissed my mom off. My mom wanted me to jump through hoops for her to help with my daughter. I realized that she had Divorce regret dictating my life and my feelings.

She tried pushing me into making horrible decisions that Divorce regret have affected my daughter and my finances. I wrote her off and she slandered me to my siblings. Oh well, they can all live lies, be fake, and be unhappy.

Yeah nobody except one sibling has asked why we've shut down contact with basically everyone I'm related to except my siblings. That's actually the hardest part to deal with, now that the dog died. I missed that stupid dog. Have you Divorce regret any of this Divorce regret your ex? Would she be open to hearing at least that? Honestly, sometimes it really is.

While it may not apply in this Divorce regret situation, it's entirely possible for an apology--even a good, proper, heartfelt one--to Divorce regret retraumatizing. If someone has established a boundary that they don't want any further contact with you, violating that boundary to apologize pretty well establishes that you're doing it for Divorce regret, not for them.

I've Divorce regret my address and other information taken off websites like Whitepages. I don't accept friend requests Divorce regret people I don't know, and haven't really used facebook in years.

If either of them managed to get in contact with me to apologize, it doesn't matter how "good" their apology is. They'd have to really hunt me down, or do something completely creepy like make a fake profile pretending to be somebody else I know. Or make a specific trip back to our hometown, hundreds of miles from where they live now, to find Divorce regret parents' house.

That is threatening and creepy and shows that they learned NOTHING from high school when my family got the police involved so one of Divorce regret leave me alone. At least it would be for me, I guess?

One of my exes recently reached out to apologize Divorce regret me.

All the problems, the arguing,...

It was clearly more for Divorce regret benefit than mine. Each situation is different and so you have to do what works for yours.

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Man, if my ex apologized, I honestly wouldn't believe her. She displayed all of the behavior of a narcissist and not once did I hear her apologize to anyone and if she did, she did it as a strategic move. I'd only accept an apology if some type of cutting edge medicine was released and was well known for curing narcissism. This hits really close to home. I am going through a breakup and while I know I have a biased perspective, I believe my ex has a similar mindset to the one you had. He makes sacrifices ostensibly for my benefit without asking or checking in if it would be appreciated and then feels slighted when I don't notice.

He often doesn't tell me what he needs until he's too angry to talk about it calmly, then it becomes a fight. On the other hand I feel like I can't ask for what I need without him taking it really personally and getting angry - like I would ask for help with the housework and he would act like I Divorce regret demanding and ungrateful. I have vague ideas about what kinds of things make him feel valued but often I feel like I Divorce regret in the dark about how to take care of him until it's too late.

Or sometimes it seems like he thinks he is doing way more for me than I am for him, except that most of the stuff he does for me is stuff that I didn't ask for and don't value that much - "Divorce regret" for example he'll cook something for us to share, except the thing is that I am pretty happy fixing most of my own food and I don't always want to eat what he's making.

So anyway he broke it off. I know Divorce regret ship has sailed on our relationship but sometimes I wonder if there's some way I could have gotten through to him and articulated this without starting a fight. Before we decided to go with the divorce option, my ex and I tried Divorce regret counseling but while I was trying to work on it, she had made a friend earlier that year who I knew was gay and had a crush on my ex-wife but didn't realize how "Divorce regret" of one she had.

While I was trying to work on things, her "Divorce regret" was the devil on her shoulder convincing her Divorce regret leave me, encouraging her to cheat and explore her options, covering for her when she did.

She was very good at hiding the fact that she absolutely loathed me and wanted to be with my ex. Apparently they no longer talk because after the divorce, she made several attempts at asking out my ex, despite my ex letting her know she wasn't interested. It doesn't Divorce regret my ex of the things she did, Divorce regret does it absolve me of what I did to contribute to the divorce, but I think things could have worked out differently or the divorce Divorce regret have gone smoother at least had that friend not been a Judas.

Thank you for being so candid, I was in a situation very similar, but my SO Divorce regret was the one that I could just not take any more. She lived with us Divorce regret over 8 years. Anyhow, I hope my ex one day realizes I was not the bad guy because I tried so hard to make it work. Refreshing to see how much you've grown as a person in a short reddit post.

Good on you for being accountable and owning up to what went wrong.

But for others it's not...

All the best moving forward! I'm recently divorced and miss my ex wife immensely. We had been together for 8 years, and married for 2.

I was the one who initiated the divorce, and my reasons for doing so were selfish. It's a pretty long story but the tldr of it was that I had grown dissatisfied with my life and burned out with my Divorce regret, and thought that my marriage was the reason for my dissatisfaction. We met in college, hit it off, and eventually got married Divorce regret some number of years. "Divorce regret" this "Divorce regret" I was going through the process of becoming a physician, which is a pretty long, grueling process that includes studying for the MCAT, applying to medical school, going through medical school, then applying for and going through residency.

She was with me during this entire period, and helped support me financially, emotionally, and physically and took care of a disproportionate amount of the housework and other day to day things. Things were going well for me career wise and I Divorce regret matched into my dream residency program at a prestigious institution, and we were happy and excited to start our new lives together in a new city.

We got married before we moved "Divorce regret" had a wonderful wedding, which in our eyes was perfect. Unfortunately, our wedding took place right before we were about to move, and in my eyes we didn't have time to take a honeymoon.

This is probably where the trouble began. It wasn't just the honeymoon: In my mind, I didn't have time anymore to take her out on Divorce regret dates, and our time at home began turning more into time spent separately. Our sex life suffered my libido became very low and I frequently felt too tired when she was in the mood. Divorce regret divorced, even when it's as amicable and efficient as possible, is still pretty awful.

But I Divorce regret don't look back on my divorce with regret. Plus, divorce regret is a real thing. According to a survey conducted by U.K. law firm Seddons, 22 per cent Divorce regret more than divorcees. Not me, but a kindly older gentleman that I knew had divorced his first wife when their daughter was eight.

He eventually remarried and had a.

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