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Would you date a midget


I used to think that I could never date Would you date a midget little person So I guess at this point I think and voted C but leaning towards B. I don't want to be completely closed minded and say I never would because who knows if the person I'm most compatible with in life happens to be a Would you date a midget, but in the moment as things are I think I would feel giant and weird.

Tall or short midget or otherwiseI don't care. If I love that person, I don't give a damn. I've met two when I was a bit younger and they were both pervs. Nothing about them is appealing to me. No, I would not.

If I have to call...

Just like I would not date a guy who is 6'5" and above. One asked me out once! I told him no, he figured out it was because of his height! He dated a girl a few month later though. Honestly, no I don't think I would. I Would you date a midget imagine dating someone my height or taller. I'm really attracted to short girls, I'm a sucker for 'cute'.

I used to think that...

I'm not sure about this though, I'd feel like a creep, is it creepy to date a midget? No why, they're adults: Still, it feels like a fetish. Which I'm not sure if it's taboo or not. Glad I don't have to face the dilemma.

I used to think that...

Not even a one night stand or anything like that. Might kill her though. Guys and girls, would you date a midget? Girls, would you date a midget guy?

Would you date someone you...

Guys, would you date a midget girl? Select age and gender to cast your vote: Depends how nice and cute he is. How can I look like a non-conformist?

I saw a documentary on...

How may tattoos or piercings do you have on your body? How pretty is Beatrice in this picture ? Do you like her or Eugenie better looks wise? Which shoes do I wear with my dress to go out dancing: What Girls Said I don't believe I would date a little person I'm not shallow for saying I would not.

I love midget sex.

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No a guy has to be my height or taller. Nope, I can't even date a guy my height. He has to be taller. At this point probably he just has to have a cute face. What Guys Said I don't think I could date a little person. I'm just not attracted to them. I would't mind dating a girl that's short. I don't think that would work for me. A woman is a woman regardless of her hight.

They are more nicer sexyer than tall woman. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? Honestly I probably would have said no last Would you date a midget. But I recently watched the episode of 30 rock with Peter Dinklage and I was SUPER attracted. I saw a documentary on dwarfism, and it focused on the difficulty those with it have when it comes Would you date a midget dating.

Most end up with someone else of. little people. hobbit. dwarf. i'm not talking about short 4 foot tall asian girls or guys. but actual people with dwarfism but really attractive, like brad pitt or angelina.

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