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Fun ways to evaluate adult learning

Porn Base Fun ways to evaluate adult learning.

As a teacher, you have to give constructive feedback all the time. But not all teachers have the time to give students feedback all the time. This post will guide you through some creative and new ways of self assessment. Keep quiet for once and let your students asses themselves.

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The title says it all. A worksheet students have to fill in by clicking on emojis. In this case, students have to choose one of the three emojis that match the statement. As a teacher, you can add some other emojis if you like. Click on the image to take a look at this self assessment example. Give each student three cards. A green, a yellow and a red card.

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Just like the emojis in the worksheet above, each card represents how students feel about the lesson material:. After teaching the theory and letting your students make some exercises, you make some time to do a self assessment with your students.

Ask your students to think about how they feel they are doing on the lesson material and let them raise one of the three cards. This way you can see which students understand the new topic, which students struggle a bit and which have a hard time understanding everything. Fun ways to evaluate adult learning makes it easy to differentiate. Make three groups and divide your students according to the cards.

All the green cards go sit together, all the yellow ones and all the red ones. Hand out some extra explanation and exercises to the groups.

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The green group can start practicing more advanced topics and dig deeper into the lesson material. The yellow ones start practicing some medium exercises and get some extra explanation.

The red ones start from almost scratch. Here you have to explain the lesson material again so they learn the basics.

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As a teacher, you can join the red group first. Let your students go through some important self evaluation questions.

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You can display them on a wall in your classroom elementary schoolor you can use a QR code high school. This way students have to scan the code after the lesson and go through the questions. They just have to spin the wheel and answer the question they got. Example high school - Click to open.

An exit slip a. Take a look at this example below. Remember the three cards students had to raise after a finished chapter? Well, in number two, the cards divide students into groups according to their learning level. Students with a red card, have to pair up with a student with a green card.

In this section you will...

Students with a yellow ward have to pair up with students wit another yellow or green card. Students with a green card have to pair up with students with a red or a yellow card. This way students help each other understand the lesson. The selfie strategy can be used to remind students to evaluate themselves Fun ways to evaluate adult learning reflect on their work before handing it in.

This one is used for math classes, but you can adjust the meaning to your course. Because students are so attached to their phones, you might as well let them use those smartphones as a self assessment tool. Use the app Snapchat and ask your students to take a selfie.

Students have to imitate an emoji on that selfie. The emoji or their face represents how they feel about the lesson.

Did they understand it or not, do they still have questions, etc. Ask your students to send it to your Snapchat teacher account. Then display your iPad or smartphone on the classroom projector. Each student has 10 seconds to explain what his selfie means. The teacher decides what extra help the student needs if necessary. Life is one big story.

Engaging Adult Learners: Philosophy, Principles...

As it happens, Instagram kind of triggers us into making stories and taking pictures. What are the highlights of the lesson? What are the three main points of the lesson?

They can summarize the lesson into nice steps or mindmaps, rebuses, drawings, and so on. Looks like social media comes in handy today. Can your students describe todays lesson in just characters?

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