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What You Should Ask Before Hiring a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

You were injured by a medical practitioner – now what do you need to ask a medical malpractice lawyer before hiring him or her? Here are a few suggestions.

First of all, you should find an attorney who has experience, knowledge and the willingness to pursue a court case. Honesty is also a very important factor when looking for a lawyer. Finally, your lawyer should be clear on all fees and charges that you need to prepare to hire him or her including the expenses you should expect to pursue a court case.

Experience & Knowledge: Lawsuits pertaining to medical malpractice and negligence are complex and may not be easily understood by the jurors. A good medical malpractice lawyer should be able to explain simply and clearly so that medical treatments can be understood by ordinary individuals.

Try asking the lawyer if he or she is familiar with the medical problem you are facing. Does your lawyer understand why there is reason to believe there has been negligence on the part of the practitioner? Will the lawyer be able to explain how possible negligence and malpractice aggravated your medical situation? Has your lawyer successfully handled cases that involved similar medical situations?

Willingness To Try A Case: This may come as a surprise, but yes, not all lawyers try court cases. Some lawyers will not handle court cases but will only try to reach for an out of court settlement.

Insurance companies know that when a lawyer is willing to go for an out of court settlement, they can save a lot of money by giving a really low ball offer. When discussing your case with a medical malpractice attorney, ask them how many cases pertaining to medical malpractice have they brought to court. Ask when was the last time he or she tried a medical negligence case in court and how long the trial lasted. The answers you will hear will help you realize whether a lawyer is willing to go to court for a client.

Honesty: There are plenty of jokes about the honesty of lawyers but you need not worry because most lawyers are still honest. Your lawyer should be honest with you – from the first meeting up to the time your cases is in progress. If your attorney is indeed honest, he or she will tell you that it is impossible to provide an estimate on how much your case is worth.

Fees And Costs: It is important that you have a clear understanding of the fees and charges that you need to pay to file the medical negligence lawsuit.

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