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Guy masturbates ambulance driving


How was your Halloween? Did it involve doing a lot of drugs, stealing an ambulance, masturbating on a jail bench, and fighting some deputies? Stefan Sortland had a better or worse, depending on how you Guy masturbates ambulance driving at it night than you. After being kicked out of a concert, Sortland went off the deep end and dove headfirst into waters that will ensure people are talking about his antics for years to come.

From The Denver Channel:. Police said emergency crews with Poudre Valley Hospital were treating an intoxicated student for seizures on campus in Fort Collins early Sunday morning, and when they came outside with the patient, their ambulance was gone.

EDM will do that to you. The police found him and the severely damaged ambulance in the middle of the highway, where he was shot with a stun gun. After being detained with nothing but a blanket, a cell phone, and a box of Wheat Thins, he decided he liked the thrill and, as a result, began to masturbate in jail.

He went on to apologize for his actions to the officers—well, at least until it was lunch time. As Sortland was being prepared for transport to the jail, officers said he apologized to all of them for his actions.

In the end, Sortland was charged with an assortment of things: He hates soccer and terrorists. He will forget more about sports than you will ever know in your lifetime. I was just on my browser at work and clicked "Guy masturbates ambulance driving" this site.

I was told I could find hot singles in my area. I was surfing the web on my drive home. NF I know, not safe at all. I thought the TFM was a Mormon worship site. When it kicked in.

Same drug, different products. I wont ever take E, but have no problem with mdma or mda. Never said the molly I purchase is pure, but the rocks I get are more pure than an E pill that might have almost no mdma in it. From what I gather, Molly is generally bought pretty pure if in rock, but it can occasionally be cut in powder form.

E pills are genrally, as you said, a mixture of MDMA and a decent amount of filler. Guy masturbates ambulance driving think Molly and X are generally pretty mutually exclusive in their geographic distribution. He stole an ambulance while drugged out on Molly. I hear he is really into those ecstasies pills. Just needs a slap on the wrist I say. I should be Guy masturbates ambulance driving home around 5ish.

Had a long day with those bitches at work. Do I know you or something? He probably started masturbating because he just saw Loveland and one thought lead to another…. From The Denver Channel: Sortland was taken to the Loveland Police Department. He must have asked for roast beef Guy masturbates ambulance driving rye, and those bitches came out with wheat instead.

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A white male with shorter brown hair, probably in his 30s, driving or standing near a Guy masturbates ambulance driving, light blue car. He's either getting And in some cases he's been masturbating or aroused. NEW ambulance USE THIS ONE · News. Stefan Sortland, 18, is charged with aggravated vehicle theft, obstructing EMS, reckless driving, hit-and-run, criminal mischief, attempted motor.

Stefan Sortland, 18, is charged...

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