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Do girls like the taste of cock


I think it is great. Love sucking a guy and getting all that good stuff in my mouth which I swallow. I also love the feeling of a guy cumming inside me, as a heavy load will feel warm in my Do girls like the taste of cock. I love it, but not in itself. Like, I wouldn't buy a come smoothie because it tastes good or anything like that: I love taking full loads in my mouth and swallow. I don't know if it's the taste that I like or the feeling of arousal. I have definitely tasted several not very nice cum, but even those I didn't have a problem swallowing.

The feeling of having a man's cum passing through the insides of my body is addictive! I don't even know how to describe it, but it started to make me gag sometimes, and I can handle almost anything. My current "Do girls like the taste of cock" tastes really good. His is just the right texture and it just has a really neutral taste.

I'm not saying I'd drink it, but I don't have a problem with swallowing his. I guess it depends.

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I don't even mind swallowing. If it's someone you really like or want to please, I think it's great. It's even better if you the guy eats pineapple the day before. Do girls like the taste of cock eat onions, garlic OR asparagus. Those things would make anyone hate it! The feeling inside is awesome! I love the taste, it turn me on every time! I like it inside me or on me. Doesnt bother me a bit. Not all guys taste the same, but I usually don't complain: First time I tasted cum I was It has a weird texture, tastes like warm yogurt.

I love come any way I can get it! I love it so much. I actually get a little upset when I hear about girls who won't swallow. The taste is not very pleasing. I try to avoid the mouth if possible. However, it is a turn on to feel it on my skin all warm and sticky. I love it when guys pull it out and come on me. It's such a turn on to shoot it on a girl, and even sexier when Do girls like the taste of cock into it. Where do you like it I like the feeling on my chest or tummy.

Def makes me even more horny after but sometimes going a 2nd round is rough enough. When my wife will gors down on me, she will go till I'm ready, but when I'm ready to come she'll tell me to come on her face, she doesn't like to swallow, but when I'm done we'll kiss and we will both taste come anyways. I have heard citrus fruits can help the taste.

Also switching to an all vegetarian diet has been said to improve the taste. I have no idea if it is true though. Just wondering girls if you like the taste and the hot feeling of cum. I was expecting to get a few but not nine in such a short time LOL. You totally probably just got like new friend requests for this. Girls, what is your opinion on this Betty White quote?

“My boyfriend doesn't eat fruit,...

What do you think Do girls like the taste of cock black guys who brag about dicks on the internet? What Girls Said I love when a guy cums on my chest, it feels sexy and hot and turns me on.

I only like it if he has a good diet, some guys taste awful. Anywhere is fine, but there's just something naughty about him unloading on my booty.

There are lots of smells...

I like the taste of my boyfriend's cum. I also love how it looks on my naked body.

I've come to. (“cum to?”)...

Very erotic for both of us. What Guys Said 4. Fruit juice is gonna be a lot better than beer and tunafish. Prostitutes, Good or Bad? How it works as an adult. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Select as Most Helpful Opinion? "Do girls like the taste of cock" LOVE it. The taste comes nowhere close to the amazing feeling/look of cum.

I love it when a guy cums on my face, chest, lips, etc it's a great feeling and the way. This is why you need to keep reading to find out about what women think penis tastes like.

Dedicated to your stories and...

What does penis taste like to you? Let us know! Oral. I've come to. (“cum to?”) When I first performed oral on a guy until he ejaculated in my mouth I was pretty nervous because I had heard other girls talk about it as.

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