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Fabric strip curtain

Naked xXx Base pics Fabric strip curtain.

After a particularly stressful day, sometimes I find myself in the mood for a little crafting.

Luckily I have the perfect craft for such an occasion. Most people think of springtime as the season for organization, but I feel that I could also make a great case for fall!

Shabby chic rag valance. Just...

Each fabric strip measures 2. You can find jelly rolls at most fabric and craft store.

Curtains made from strips of...

Ours came from Hobby Lobby. The colors and patterns in each jelly roll are Fabric strip curtain to coordinate, but you might want to take a moment to lay out the strips in a particular order.

The first time I did this project, I started tying the fabric strips on without really thinking about it.

Getting ready for marriage

When I hung it up I realized I had put about 8 green strips next to each other and it looked a bit silly. Tie each fabric strip onto the rod with a single knot, ensuring that the ends hang evenly in the front and back.

Mature wife with strapon

As a point of reference, we used 20 fabric strips, or half a roll, making the valance shown in the photos. Just some pretty stuff I've found in my wanderings on the www.

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