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Too soon to start hookup after a breakup

Naked Porn tube Too soon to start hookup after a breakup.

On the other hand if I was hoping for a chance of reconciling then no I would stay away from women altogether at least until I know it's done. It depends on the breakup. If it was a bad one, I would hookup in like a week, or as fast as I can to try to forget a guy. If it was a good breakup then Id wait to hookup when I actually seek a realtionship with a guy.

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Definitely, helped forget him, but not like in a day, it took time, but it diminished my feelings for him. It was more of a mentality like "letting him see what he missed on", especially because his best friends were at the same restaurant lol. But in reference to the guy I kissed, there was no second date lol, he wanted one but I didnt.

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I think it depends on what you are looking for, I always like to take my time to heal my heart, if I'm not ready for another person he will feel it and I will mess up a probably good relationship, you have to be well emotionally to go in another relationship I've never had a boyfriend, but I think it would depend on how long I was with the person and how strong and serious the realtionship was with that person, as well as the reasons for the relationship ending.

Well I really loved the guy I was with and so it took me about 1.

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It took about 2. It depends on what the previous relationship was like and how deep the relationship was.

If I wasn't that into him,then moving on could be a heck of a lot quicker. I was with the girl for two years.

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We lived together for one and a half. Things weren't going to great between us and she started making a "new friend". I got very uncomfortable and broke up with her. She said I left her on "suspicions". I think she turned to him right away for comfort and possibly a hook up, I just wonder if she still thinks of me and if she is hurting.

I haven't heard from her in over a week.

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But last I know she was still telling me she loved me and wanted me to come home. I honestly have gone through this with her before. She says she understands what hurt me, but things never change. That is why this time I didn't go back.

Find some one who deserves you. Sorry but she is playing you because she knows you will always be around,her fall back guy.

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