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Banaba Tree: Contols Blood Sugar Level and Fights Obesity

There are a lot more individuals who are obese than those who are healthy. Nobody wants to admit this basic truth. Probably it is a result of the growing range of fastfood chains or the popular desire of chocolate candies and ice cream sweets or the addiction to softdrinks. The fact remains the same, majority of the people around the world are obese. Coming along with a lot of health problems is the saddest part of being overweight. Diabetes is perhaps one of the most popular diseases related to obesity. The medical complications caused by diabetes, such as heart failure and kidney disease, are major causes of death in most countries.

The quantity of individuals with diabetes is rising in every nation. Millions of men and women are fighting diabetes today and the International Diabetes Federation is predicting the statistics to increase later on. Diabetes is one of the modern day diseases that can affect anybody. There are hardly any signs of having diabetes, for this reason, some would refer to it as the silent killer. The quickest method to test if you are in danger is having your blood sugars examined. Despite the fact that diabetes can be monitored, nevertheless there is however no verified remedy known and it cannot be reversed. That is why, diabetics have to manage their health with great care.

Many diabetics need to turn to regular drugs maintenance like insulin which can be extremely costly. Luckily, the Banaba tree has been found to have both aesthetic and medicinal values. One of the most common medicinal uses of the banaba tree leaves is treating diabetes. The leaves consist of corosolic acid, a compound proven to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiviral, antifungal components, and can effectively decrease unusually high blood sugar levels. The real key to fight diabetes is to control blood sugar levels and lose weight. Scientists discovered that banaba extract decreases overall cholesterol levels. The acid in the banaba leaves works by hindering and lowering the digestion of carbohydrates into the human body. Therefore, the banaba tree can also aid in battling obesity. Other banaba leaf extract benefits involve treating UTI, hypertention, and healing gout.

Other parts of the banaba tree also have beneficial health effects. Its flowers can be boiled to make anti-diarrhea concoction and are very useful to people with bladder problems. Boiling the roots can effectively cure canker sores. And its bark can be ground and boiled to make a natural laxative and cure constipation. The banaba tree is indeed an all-around herbal remedy that can be used to help ease various conditions.

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