Top Reasons for Orthodontic Care

There are over four million people in the United States alone who wear braces. Some of these are adults, while the majority are teens and children. There are many reasons people need orthodontic treatment and braces. Garland Davis, DDS in Laurel, outlines below why an individual may need to seek treatment.

Crooked Teeth

Crooked teeth is the most common reason individuals need braces. This can be detected as early as the age of seven through a dental pre-screening. While the braces may not be put on at that age, this allows parents and caregivers to prepare for orthodontic care in the near future. Crooked teeth can lead to tooth decay because the person cannot get between the teeth to properly brush and floss them. In order to straighten the teeth to avoid future or further problems, orthodontic care is needed.


An underbite can be caused by many things, most of which occur well before permanent teeth come in. Thumb sucking and long use of a pacifier and bottle are some of the most common things that cause an underbite. There are special types of orthodontic treatment, other than braces, that can help to fix an underbite. There is reverse pull headgear that is typically worn about 14 hours a day and is designed to move the upper jaw forward to correct the underbite. There is also an upper jaw expander that is used to treat the underbite in some cases by widening the jaw. This device is attached to the upper molars in your mouth. One of these two methods is generally used at some time during the orthodontic treatment process.


Teeth spacing is another common cause for people to need braces. If a person has a lot of spacing in their teeth, it can cause problems chewing and also cause a problem with their bite. Most orthodontists only treat spacing with braces and use rubber bands to close the gaps. The process to close the spacing does not take long. The closing of the gaps can be seen generally within about 6 months.

Most of the above issues cause people to have low self-esteem when it comes to their mouth or smile. An affordable orthodontic treatment plan can help restore confidence. It can also restore the health of the teeth. Seek out an orthodontist nearby for a consultation.