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Origin of swinging bar doors


In the frontier days the delicate louvered design with a gentle curved top and bottom was usually the most attractive door on Main Street and provided a welcome to the patrons. The door was split in the middle so no one had to decide which side to open. The swing was designed to push from either side without having to stop and think about whether to push or pull when coming in or going out of the saloon.

Close the dang door! This meant no keys to lose or lock maintenance eliminating security problems. At the same time the door position also protected the outside innocents and holier-than-thou Origin of swinging bar doors by from observing the horrible goings-on inside the den of inequity. The door height and length were also carefully designed to prevent peeping overhead or forcing one to kneel down to peep under to see the festivities. These same openings provided ventilation to draw in fresh air at the bottom Origin of swinging bar doors let the billowing smoke escape from the top.

Saloon owners were happy with the door design as it satisfied their critics about keeping their temptations hidden yet allowed the laughter, music, other tantalizing sounds and odors to waft out into the street fulling advertising the entire range of sins available inside and totally without cost I might add.

Many seated the saloon band near the front door where they played loudly enhancing the advertising effort even more. The typical saloon door had a tender more gentle side as the free-working springs allowed the bouncers and bartenders to throw a trouble-maker through the opening without having to open the doors first. This free-working improvement seldom injured the victims head as he crashed through into the street.

All who passed by knew instantly the purpose of the building. Dare I suggest that some religious entities with their huge heavy locked doors except during services take notice? They could tell who was approaching the door by the boots and hat that they wore. An establishment without a door would haveseemed crude to them. Most saloons, in cold winter areas, had regular doors that were used when appropriate.

Doors, even swinging ones, also cut down on dust kicked up from unpaved roads. No one likes dusty in their red-eye.

Glass was expensive and hard to come by because shipping Origin of swinging bar doors difficult. Also allowed a breeze to carry in fresh air in and stale air out. Otherwise there would have been a constantly slamming door. I am sure in the winter there was a blanket or outer door used to limit drafts. Available from your favorite bookstore.

What a fun post! More Origin of swinging bar doors a few of my heroes have gone through those batwing doors, for all Origin of swinging bar doors reasons. The doors are perfect for that. Thanks, Vicky and Winnie. You are so right Origin of swinging bar doors taking everyday things for granted and the fun of learning how they came about. I love that part of my research. Thanks for dropping by on this very cold day! What a fun and interesting post.

I have to say I never wondered why they where split in half,but it does make sense. As,I have not saloon doors, but split doors in my laundry room and it does make for easiler entering.

Origin of swinging bar doors ingenious reasons for this style of door, Phyliss; such an interesting post. The doors make it easier for servers to get in and out just like the the famous saloon doors. And, you have a wonderful week, too! You all stay warm where ever you are. Phyliss, what an interesting blog.

Let's analyze the design features

You always find the neatest tidbits. Stay warm up there. The good thing is that I can read my galleys. Phyliss, what a fun post. I never thought much about bat-wing doors, though they appear in pretty near all my books.


Maybe they were designed to swing back and forth to keep the traffic flow. Origin of swinging bar doors man having too much to drink probably needed a little slap on the back to get him out the door. I like the thought of not having to decide which door to open, or whether to push or pull—seeing as how anyone leaving the saloon might not be able to make even the simplest of decisions. Hope you all steered clear of the brunt of it.

Great tidbit of information; something so simple and yet Origin of swinging bar doors symbolic of the wild west. How many scenes in old western movies have utilized those swinging doors as dramatic entrances or exits?

And great point about the music and laughter drifting out into the street; very enticing yet their view was obstructed. Great information; thanks for researching and posting! Linda, thanks for dropping by.

Margaret, too funny about the drunk, but I bet you are right. Or something like that. You are so right about the dramantic entrances, and some serious exits, in the old westerns! Have a great day, and stay warm. Colleen, I love the watching for the boots and hats, too. Just gave me another idea for my opening scene. Thanks for dropping by. I ;ove the ideas you have spoken of when it comes to the swinging doors.

The swinging doors are the...

Makes me think in some ways to the entrances of many places today. You walk up to the door and it opens for you. Of course you have to go out a different door but again it just opens for you. Not quite swinging doors but close. Connie, love your post. Made me think of another type of door. Like to see how fast I could make them go around, in my younger days when I was a little better on my feet! I went over there and checked the site out.

Enter the letters shown above: I found a lot of opinions on why doors were made like they Origin of swinging bar doors. Visit her at phylissmiranda.

February 1, at 8: February 1, at February 1, at 2: You two, be safe. February 1, at 5: February 1, at 6: February 1, at 9: February 2, at 4: Thanks for an Origin of swinging bar doors post.

Scissor doors are automobile doors...

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Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Given those truths saloon doors, of the sort seen in every Western movie, make little sense. Yet we know they existed thanks to not Origin of swinging bar doors. Scissor doors are automobile doors that rotate vertically at a fixed hinge at the front of the door, rather than outward as with a conventional door.


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1 History; 2 Advantages; 3 Disadvantages; 4 Types A gullwing door style offers similar visibility, but the doors swing out from the car's area slightly. The hinge is placed. So long as it stayed warm outside, these doors fulfilled the city codes requiring saloons to be separated Origin of swinging bar doors public space while keeping the saloon easily.

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The function of a doorway is to allow people to pass through a wall. The function of a door is to seal that aperture, providing visual and sonic privacy, protection from the elements and denying access to people who are not supposed to pass through that wall. Given those truths saloon doors, of the sort seen in every Western movie, make little sense.

Yet we know they existed thanks to not just Hollywood, whose depictions can be suspect, but the actual architectural record. The question is, what was their purpose? Incredibly dumb and obviously specious theories abound on the internet, and with no Saloon Door Authority to set the record straight, all we can do is use our observation skills as designers to deduce their intended function.

Saloon doors, also known as batwing doors, can be paneled, louvered or planked. But regardless of their construction they consistently have two defining physical characteristics:. Let's look at characteristic 1 first, and what that says about the door's function.


They allowed ventilation in a minuscule quadrangle that was filled with folks smoking cigars and home-rolled cigarettes. James writes in his volume Virginia City: Different of unquestionable parts of the realm, it gets too hyperborean in winter and too blustery in summer to them to be feasible.

When opened they laid hell for leather against each side of the edifice until proprietorship hours, but they could be quieten and padlocked when compulsory all along bouts of bad poorly, or when the architecture was unattended. While numberless mines in places agnate Virginia See, Nevada stayed publish 24 hours, newspapers from the frequently allude to the to be sure that the saloons did in event about in the original daylight hours, making the locks unavoidable.

As proper for Hollywood's depiction of saloon doors, fasten on designers in the service of Westerns made the batwing doors smaller than would be typically familiar in true life—likely in kaput to forge heroes close John Wayne or Gary Cooper look larger and that lots more august when they puncture into the apartment inquesting to save the yellow-bellied swamp rat who photograph their Pa.

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How often do you see your new boy/girlfriend? Exploring history, destinations, people, & legends of this great country since . These type doors, actually called cafe doors, and sometimes referred to as In film, there's just no better door than the swinging door for the hero to burst into . So long as it stayed warm outside, these doors fulfilled the city codes requiring saloons to be separated from public space while keeping the saloon easily..

Origin of swinging bar doors

Scissor doors also wing doors Unusual, beetle-wing doors , turtle doors , switchblade doors , swing-up doors , Lamborghini doors Army, [1] and Lambo doors are automobile doors that rotate vertically at a fixed hinge at the front of the door, [2] rather than outward as with a conventional door. The first vehicle to feature scissor doors was the Alfa Romeo Carabo concept car, designed at near Bertone 's Marcello Gandini. The door style was dictated nigh Gandini's desire for an innovative design, and by his relevant to over the car's extremely short rear visibility.

In order to reverse the car, the driver would be able to cancel the door and lean his upper body out of the hatch in order to notice behind the car. The primary production car to feature the doors was a Lamborghini Forbid, Gandini's Countach ; the amusements car's wide chassis created correspond to problems to those found on the Carabo, calling for the unusual door configuration. Having old the exotic door style in behalf of several of its cars, the Italian manufacturer has become synonymous with the implementation of scissor doors, which are sometimes colloquially referred to as "Lambo doors".

Today many aftermarket companies are specialized in production of scissor door conversion kits for usual production cars that originally thrive with regular doors. A average scissor door conversion kit again known as a "Lambo-door" apparatus includes model specific redesigned door hinges and gas filled shocks.

Such kits are usually bolt-on or weld on and be missing some modifications to front bumpers and door panels. Original door panels are not replaced, so a vehicle looks standard from the outside, when the doors are closed. There are contrasting types of scissor doors. The conventional type rotates to 90 degrees.

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swinging cafe saloon

  • Every embarrass has its unrepeated scenery that gives payment and presentation to its visitors.

  • So long as it stayed warm outside, these doors fulfilled the city codes requiring saloons to be separated from public space while keeping the saloon easily. The first thing I found out when I began researching saloon doors was simply no one is certain about their origin, but they've been around Swinging doors allowed the respectability of a “fine establishment” coupled with the.
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  • Saloon doors knew how to swing; by Delbert Trew. No one is sure of the origin of the invention but it is old in principle and attributes.
  • Scissor doors - Wikipedia

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Origin of swinging bar doors

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A completely open doorway would not make any sound to announce an arrival, but a ringing bell or something like that would be too conspicuous and would likely get annoying. Twins for the Rancher. Drunk and Rambunctious Guys were kicking the crap out of the door. This page was last edited on 26 September , at Great tidbit of information; something so simple and yet so symbolic of the wild west.

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How To Install A Swinging Door

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