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How Social Work Is Different From Charity Work?

A lot of people actually think that both social work and charity work are the same wherein reality, they are complete different. Charity work is just a small portion of the whole graph since the primary scope for doing charity works lie in helping people to achieve decent living standards, great need, protection of their rights etc.

When it comes to social works on the other hand, it is rooted to world religions and ancient civilization and few of the growing profession covered under this sector include stress management, addiction, education, legal aid, domestic violence, health care, sustainable development, poverty elimination and to name a few.

Providing psychological help to someone who has been abused, or even more basic tasks like helping a disable or an elderly to get across the street are only few social works. Those who are well off can also get some help from social care industries as not just the poor they are assisting. A lot of these people turn to social workers when caught in times that they couldn’t get out of their own. For instance, an addict or his/her family might get social help to get out from the addiction. Patients who have disease who has no cure may need counseling are going to social workers.

Some kinds of social work don’t require any type of formal education in the field which include online or classroom education. The reason why is this possible is that, social workers mostly are volunteers or professionals who have free time to spend in giving back to the community.

As for developed countries, their government actually set an individual office for overseeing social works in their country. For under developed countries on the other hand, it is typically individuals as well as the non-government organization who has been doing these duties. Then again, there are national as well as international social organizations that are offering their help. Also, some of the social workers can be seen working in offices, doing research, advocates social work at various aspects of the government, write papers to get help for social work and so on.

Qualified and certified social workers are then employed by the government and by the social aid organization. There are also others who have the courage to start an organization of their own and searching for some willing-bodies to help them in their cause. As a matter of fact, for those who think of ways they could give back to their community, taking part in doing social work can be a wonderful idea. You just don’t get the chance to help others but also, it is a very fulfilling and rewarding experience on your behalf.

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