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Sweet Parenting: Your Ultimate Guide to Raising a Confident Daughter

While it is true that children of today have all the good things modern technology has to offer convenience, comfort, accessible and affordable products and services, they are living in the same world as we do, facing their own problems and struggles far more than what we can imagine. We hear about bullies not just in schools but also in social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Adolescents or teenagers are exposed to online influencers, peer-pressure, parental pressure, and all sorts of pressure this world brings. As on the part of your daughter, she is the greatest treasure of your life, and it is essential for every girl to have the self-confidence to accept who she is, what she looks, unleash her talents and inner potentials, and explore the world with kindness, humility, and passion.

Your daughter’s self-confidence can be ruined just because of few nasty comments from bullies and even from her friends. In your daughter’s formative years, she looks up to you so always put in mind that your role as her mother plays a huge part of your daughter’s emotional development. Boost your daughter’s self-confidence by encouraging her to speak her mind, share her ideas and opinions even if they are controversial, and not to be afraid to express her thoughts and emotions in a positive and acceptable way. If you’re overweight or obese, it’s totally fine using safe diet pills in order to lose weight but don’t be too obsessed with your appearance because it is not a good quality for your daughter to imitate. Teach your daughter about the value of having a kind, patient, and good heart, and that looks are not as important as having a kind heart because appearance is only external. Show your appreciation to your daughter by praising her good traits, her intelligence, and reminding her about the wonderful talents and skills she possess. Tell her that it is fine to imitate famous celebrities as long as they are good role models.

Today, a lot of teenagers are inspired and motivated because of the idea of superstardom as watched and seen on reality tv. If your daughter want to sing or dance, by all means, encourage her talents but remind her not to lose track on her academics, to be responsible, and pursue her dreams with hard work and patience. You can dedicate an hour or two to have a heart to heart talk to your daughter or find time to bond with your daughter and talk to her by asking her what are her plans and aspirations in her life. Do not be too overprotective, encourage your daughter to have an open communication.

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